This Male Idol Was Accused Of Sexually Molesting Somi, But Here’s The Truth

They even had a forensic analysis done.

UP10TION‘s Wooshin was accused of sexually molesting I.O.I‘s Somi while the pair were MC’s on SBS MTV The Show, but here’s the truth behind the story as we know it.

In a backstage clip, Wooshin was talking and while doing so, his hand motioned towards Somi’s chest.

Shortly after, there was public outrage as many accused him of inappropriately touching Somi, who is a minor.

As the controversy grew, YMC Entertainment, TOP Media, and SBS MTV all denied there was physical contact between the two in that instance.

However, that did not stop some people, who continued to call Wooshin a molester and demanded an apology.

TOP Media requested a forensic analysis due to the continued public outrage, and the results concluded that there was no physical contact.

Despite all parties involved denying physical contact, this did not defer the public hate towards Wooshin, who has not participated in UP10TIONS’s activities since June 2017.


Source: Instiz, Sports Donga and Forensic Imaging Lab