Upcoming Korean actor Jang Ki-Yong is everyone’s next big crush

Jang Ki Yong is becoming more famous by the day for his good looks and physique and he will steal your heart once you see him in the K-drama “Go Back Couple”.

Jang Ki Yong is 187cm in height and first started off his career as a model.

He later pursued his career as an actor and his perfect visual is winning all the women’s hearts.

He doesn’t need to dress up, but even with just a jean jacket his flawless fashion is complete.

Fans cannot handle the gentle and warm smile yet the manly aura that Jang Ki Yong gives off.

As more episodes of Go Back Couple are aired, fans are falling in love with Jang Ki Yong and his character.

Fans look forward to the day Jang Ki Yong’s career bloom and for him to take on more roles.

Source: Insight