Upcoming Rookie Idol Looks Exactly Like Sulli And TWICE’s Nayeon Combined

This upcoming rookie idol is grabbing everyone’s attention for stunning visuals with a perfect mix of  Sulli and SISTAR Dasom!

Her name is Yves, pronounced like Eve, the 9th member of LOOΠΔ (LOONA).

LOONA is a project group that reveals new members each month with their own digital single, and they plan on debuting officially when they reveal all their 12 members.

Yves is the new member of the month and released her digital single “New”.


Netizens are amazed by her visuals and reporting that they see Sulli’s smile and Dasom’s eyes in Yves.

Netizens are expressing that she also looks like TWICE’s Nayeon and Jihyo as well.

Netizens are excited to see more of Yves’ stunning visuals on stage soon.

Check out Yves’ “New” below:

Source: Instiz