[★UPDATE] Apink Hayoung Personally Responds To Death Threat

Apink Hayoung took to Twitter to personally address the death threats directed at her group.

Due to the character limits on Twitter, she tweeted a total of 3 tweets to express her thoughts on the death threats.

“Our pandas, our relatives and our company worried a lot about us due to some unfortunate events last night. When we first heard what was happening, we were alarmed and nervous. However, when we learned why these events happened, we actually felt kind of sorry…

We realized that our pandas were more worried with the situation so we focused on what was important. Our comeback is more important so we have started practicing again and working towards a great comeback. We will be very careful so don’t worry too much my pandas! ^^

We want to express our gratitude towards the Captain Q security firm employees and our company employees. We are very sorry for the situation and we hope this case gets resolved quick so our pandas can be worry-free.”

— Apink Hayoung

An alleged disgruntled fan sent death threats to Apink on the evening of June 14.

The alleged perpetrator responded and gave his reasons behind the threats.

Authorities are still investigating the case while Apink are preparing for their upcoming comeback.

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