Uptown Girl: The Hip Hop Group With Lee Hyori and Yoon Mirae That Almost Happened

It could have been one of the most epic hip-hop groups!

On the latest episode of Happy Together 3, Yoon Mirae told the story of the hip-hop group that never was.


Back in the day, Lee Hyori was signed under World Music Agency and planned on debuting in the group Uptown Girl.

The group was going to be a hip-hop trio with Yoon Mirae, Lee Hyori, and Annie.


Shortly before the group’s debut, Lee Hyori transferred to DSP Media and ended up debuting in FIN.K.L.


The announcement came as a complete surprise to Yoon Mirae.

“One day I turned on the TV and I was surprised to hear that Lee Hyori debuted as part of FIN.K.L. And she was the leader!” — Yoon Mirae


The sudden announcement wasn’t all bad news for Yoon Mirae and Annie. They would later form the hip-hop duo Tashannie!


In any case, many fans believe that Uptown Girls would have been one powerful group if they would have debuted!

Source: Sports Chosun