Which “All Of Us Are Dead” Actors Would Survive A Real Zombie Attack? The Cast Tells All

There were 2 actors they voted to survive until the very end.

The stars of Netflix‘s breakout hit All of Us Are Dead sat down and chatted about who would survive a zombie attack in real life. The cast voted on the two who would make it to the very end.

All of Us Are Dead cast. | Netflix

Lim Jae Hyuk voted for Yoon Chan Young because he was “very athletic and runs fast” but was also “quiet and calm.” Yoon Chan Young was so level-headed that Lim Jae Hyuk said, “I don’t think zombies will notice even if he talks.

He wasn’t the only one who voted for Yoon Chan Young. Yoo In Soo said Yoon Chan Young was “very serious” and would be able to “figure out and solve the situation” despite the zombies chasing them down. There was another actor that would be an ace at survival.

Park Solomon, also known as Lomon, voted for Yoo In Soo and caused laughter with the explanation why. Park Solomon said, “He’s scared of many things, so he’ll hide first and run away first.”

Yoon Chan Young thought similarly when also choosing Yoo In Soo. While Yoon Chan Young would be like his character Lee Cheong San and “take the lead for the older members,” that wasn’t the case for Yoo In Soo.

Yoon Chan Young made them all laugh when saying, “But, brother In Soo has a different personality than me. I think he’ll survive the longest.

Since actors and actresses aren’t always similar to their characters in real life, were their choices who you expected?

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