Here’s The Zombie Movie The “All Of Us Are Dead” Cast Watched To Get Into Character

They watched it “many times.”

Since zombies have always been popular in media, the All of Us Are Dead cast revealed which earlier films and shows helped them get into character for their roles.

All of Us Are Dead main cast. | @NetflixBrasil/Twitter

During their interview with TV Guide, actor Park Solomon, also known as Lomon, noted that actress Cho Yi Hyun would be just like her character Choi Nam Ra if a zombie apocalypse were to happen in real life.

Cho Yi Hyun explained that she wasn’t particularly knowledgeable about zombies but did “watch a lot of zombie movies and dramas.” In fact, she shared the ones that inspired the entire cast to get into their roles.

The first title Cho Yi Hyun named was the 2013 zombie film World War Z that starred Brad Pit and became a staple among the cast. She revealed, “We watched ‘World War Z’ many times.” It wasn’t the only media they took inspiration from, either.

Cho Yi Hyun also named the well-known AMC show The Walking Dead that aired in 2010 and is currently on its eleventh season. Even actress Park Ji Hoo seemed to agree that it was useful in nailing their roles.

Since the cast filmed the show for two years, they certainly did their best to make All of Us Are Dead as amazing as possible. Based on their success, all their efforts were worth it.

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