V Baekhyun And Minho Suddenly Turn Into Rain’s Back Dancers

Rain isn’t just a legend to K-Pop fans.. even idols like BTS, EXO, and SHINee go crazy seeing him dance!

So what happens when these idols see Rain in person? They transform into fanboys instantly!

It’s no surprise how giggly they get around Rain. BTS, EXO and even some of SHInee were just teenagers when Rain released his hit song, “Rainism”.

They were just fans themselves back then!

Even members of Red Velvet and SHINee‘s Minho have been caught acting like total fans during Rain’s rare performances!

But the biggest fanboys? EXO’s Baekhyun and BTS’s V couldn’t help but dance and cheer after Rain performed. 

Now that they’ve debuted themselves and can be on the same stage as Rain, these idols have reached a new level of fandom.

Check out the full, hilarious moment of these Rain fans below!