BTS V Wanted To Crawl Under A Rock When This Old Clip Resurfaced

He’ll never live this down.

V is no stranger to awkward moments, but this one was so embarrassing that he walked right off set.


ARMYs know that one of V’s (not so) secret dreams is to be a badass member of BTS‘s rap line.


Rapper V finally seized his moment when he performed “Cypher Pt. 3”, one of BTS’s greatest diss tracks, for a solo stage.


His members had some difficulty taking him seriously…


…okay, a lot of difficulty…


…but they were also totally supportive!


V slayed the beat with all the swagger of a true rap star…


…and was so into the performance that he didn’t want it to end.


V wasn’t always as proud of his rapping as he is now though. When the Idol Party hosts played this 2014 clip of V rapping backstage, he just couldn’t handle it.


V was so embarrassed that he threw his towel to the ground…


…and headed straight for the studio’s doors.


To add insult to injury,  Suga shouted “wow, so embarrassing!” as V marched away.


V just wanted to find a rock to crawl under, but that was not to be. The host quickly brought V back on set and had him rap the line for them in person!


To witness V’s humiliation, check out the clip here.