These Fan Theories Behind V’s Neck Tattoo In “ON” Will Make You Love It Even More

What does it mean?

Fans have started to come up with theories over V‘s infamous neck tattoo from BTS‘s new comeback song, “ON”, now that they have a couple live performances of the song under their belt.

The tattoo has traveled from the music video into their live performances, and eagle-eyed fans have noticed that the tattoo has been changing and transforming with each one.

From dried tree branches, to veins, to shattered glass, the tattoo has kept the same sort of look but with slight variations. The changes seem intentional rather than simply drawn differently by the artists on accident, which makes fans think that there’s something to the changes.

“It went from looking like he got stung by a Griever to looking like tree branches to looking like Shigaraki’s quirk is causing his skin to crumble away,” one fan said, referencing the character with the ability to disintegrate organic material from the anime My Hero Academia.

“It means that he has been consumed by his shadow. The bigger the light , the bigger the shadow will be,” another fan chimed in. They also added on with glee, “If it keeps getting bigger every time he performs, when it reaches the point that it’s covering his entire torso would we get a Tae in see through shirt?”

Others talk about the “root” and “tree branch” style of the tattoo are referencing the tree of life, which touches both heaven and hell.

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Whatever the truth behind his tattoos are, there’s no doubt that ARMYs are creative!