V Gave Jimin and J-Hope These $1000 Gucci Gifts For Their Birthdays

V showed his sweet side and rocking sense of style with gorgeous gifts to Jimin and J-Hope on their birthdays.

BTS‘s V is proving that money is no object when it comes to spoiling the people you love, as the idol recently gifted his fellow members with an expensive and quite luxurious gift!

V gifted  both Jimin and J-Hope his favorite brandGucci, that cost $1100 and $1050!

The members of BTS have always seemed to be extremely close and now there is no denying that they are! Their gifts are no joke, and V is definitely taking the cake for most amazing birthday gifts!

Check out the impressive gifts below.

Jimin was spotted wearing the Gucci sweater that was given to him by V.
The sweater is an impressive $1100! It’s safe to say that V is an amazing friend.
J-Hope wearing the Gucci slippers that were given to him by V.
These slippers are incredibly popular among celebrities, and now J-Hope is an owner all thanks to V! That price is not cheap either.