V Said TXT Reminds Him Of BTS’s Rookie Days

“You’re too kind.”

BTS‘s V made an unexpected appearance in TXT‘s latest live broadcast. After introducing himself, Yeonjun asked him how he felt about it. V said it was meaningful and went fully into proud dad mode when bringing up TXT’s newest album.


Like the supportive sunbae he is, V instantly pointed out how hard TXT worked on it.

He went into detail by mentioning how TXT would practice so much in the recording studio that they would sleep there overnight. In fact, V found them in the studio every time he went.

V couldn’t help but think of BTS’s rookie days and stated how seeing TXT working hard had reminded him of BTS’s early days.

It reminded me of us when we were rookies.

Although Yeonjun and Beomgyu didn’t think they deserved such high praise, they humbly accepted and stated how kind he was. Watch V recognize his sons’ hard work and reminisce about BTS’s rookie days 25 minutes in.