VERIVERY Attempted Some “VERIVERY” Difficult TikTok Dances And Mostly Succeeded

Someone let them open up a TikTok!

Over the past month, Cosmopolitan has been setting several K-Pop groups the TikTok challenge.

This time, it was the turn of VERIVERY! Each group member was given a TikTok dance that they had to learn in one watch and then execute as well as possible!

The first member to take on the challenge was Hoyoung, and the members had high expectations from their main dancer. Unfortunately, the group didn’t expect the dances to be quite so challenging.

Luckily, his fellow team members were on hand to give him support, and he got through it, even if it was difficult!

Next up was Gyehyeon, who leader Dongheon introduced as a “Pro TikToker.” After Hoyoung’s difficulty, the members now decided that it was all about matching the song to your personality. It seemed a lot easier than the first video and, after a false start, Gyehyeon seemed to have succeeded in his attempt!

Yeonho was next, and to say he was worried would be an understatement. He managed to embody the brightness of the video even if it wasn’t all right!

His members didn’t seem to appreciate the effort, and Dongheon called it a “fail,” which seemed harsh!

After the criticism, it was Dongheon’s turn to show his skills, but he wasn’t going to have an easy ride! During the practice round, the members took revenge, saying, “What is he doing? He looks like a child.” 

When it came to the real challenge, even his members had to admit that he did well!

Maknae Kangmin was next and, as expected, managed to shine in his dance, showcasing his cuteness and charm to Jason Derulo‘s “Watcha Say.”

Finally, it was Yongseung‘s turn, and the members rightly predicted he would get a difficult one because Gyehyeon pointed out that “dance line gets the hardest ones.”

Even with a bit of freestyle improvisation, Yongseung cemented his role as one of the group’s main dancers.

It is almost impossible to say who won the competition, but they all did amazing in the end. To see who the group picked as the best, make sure to watch the full video below!