Male Idol Getting Hit In The Family Jewels Will Leave You Screaming—In Laughter

All the members were quite amused by the turn of events.

Despite variety shows having a rough outline of what’s going to happen, the funniest moments are the ones that aren’t planned. Jellyfish Entertainment‘s group VERIVERY had one of those hilarious moments during their new show.

| @the_verivery/Twitter

In episode two of VERIVERY LAND, the six members (except Minchan, who’s recovering from anxiety) played a game of foot volleyball to jokingly choose a new leader.

When Gyehyeon passed the ball to Hoyoung, the latter delivered a kick that went straight to a place that no one was ready for.

In a moment that many may have experienced once in their life, the ball hit Yongseung directly in the family jewels. The show’s editors added humor to the moment by pretending to end the episode. That wasn’t even the funniest part.

Everyone burst into laughter as it happened, especially Yeonho, who couldn’t stop laughing. Still, they immediately rushed to Yongseung’s side as he collapsed to the ground, making sure he hadn’t been seriously harmed.

After Gyehyeon and Hoyoung rubbed his back to soothe him and the laughter died down, Yongseung was back on the court in no time, scoring all the points.

Fortunately, Yongseung didn’t seem to experience any shattering of his family jewels. Out of VERIVERY’s top hilarious moments, it’s definitely one of the funniest.

Hoyoung and Yongseung. | @by_verivery/Twitter

Watch all of them crack up at the painfully funny mishap here.