Vernon And Joshua Hope Fans Revisit Two “Underrated” SEVENTEEN Songs

They share what makes the songs so special.

SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua and Vernon recently spoke with Vulture, an American entertainment online news publication, and discussed everything from their most nerve-wracking experiences to their close group bond and even their most memorable mistakes on stage.

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon | @pledis_17/Twitter
SEVENTEEN’s Joshua | @pledis_17/Twitter

The group members sat down with the publication in celebration of the release of their eleventh mini-album, SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN.

While discussing their success and their status as a self-producing idol group, Joshua and Vernon were asked if there was a B-side track that they felt was underrated, and two songs came to mind, which they named and gave CARATs more behind-the-scenes information about.

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon (left) and Joshua (right) | @pledis_17/Twitter

The first song was “Don Quixote,” which was featured on their fourth album, Face The Sun, released in 2022.

Vernon felt it was underrated because the group hadn’t had many opportunities to perform the song.

Vernon revealed the song was created during studio sessions with fellow member Woozi, himself, producer BUMZU, and other producers, with American singer-songwriter Melanie Joy Fontana creating the melody.

The instruments, the top line, the melody — overall, I think it’s a really good song. It has that buildup to a dramatic climax, and it’s really grand-sounding. I think it’s the coolest song to listen to.

— SEVENTEEN’s Vernon

BUMZU (left) and SEVENTEEN’s Woozi (right)

Joshua named their 2020 track “Fearless” from their seventh mini-album Heng:garæ as an underrated song. Joshua acknowledged that it is well-known by fans but revealed the group loved it so much that they initially contemplated making it their title track.

Joshua feels the song shows what SEVENTEEN can do as a “big group.” Vernon and Joshua revealed that in order to practice the choreography with all of their backup dancers, they had to use a stadium to fit everyone.

We had to borrow that to practice. We usually practice amongst ourselves, but with all those dancers, there’s a lot more different formations, so just piecing that all together was a little bit hard the first time.

— SEVENTEEN’s Joshua

As SEVENTEEN is proud of the song and the effort that went into performing it, Joshua hopes fans shine a light on the song “a little bit more.

Recently, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi gave fans more behind-the-scenes insight into the group’s album creation process and revealed how his songs become title tracks.

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Source: Vulture