Veteran Actor Sung Dong Il Says BTS’ V Is A Fan Of His Daughter and Sent Her A Present

But there’s a twist…

Veteran actor Sung Dong Il, best known by international fans for his role as the father in the Reply series, said that BTSV is a huge fan of not him, but his daughter, Bin!


V and Sung Dong Il starred in KBS drama Hwarang together, but V was a fan Bin ever since she appeared on MBC‘s Dad! Where Are We Going? Season 2.


When the two were filming Hwarang together, V went up to Sung Dong Il and told him he was a fan of his daughter.

“I met V through a drama and he told me he was a fan of Bin and he sent her a large box full of snacks. He asked me if he could meet her and tell her that he’s a fan, and he’d send the snacks.” — Sung Dong Il


The funniest part is that Bin didn’t know who BTS, or V was!

“I told her who sent her the snacks. I told her ‘BTS’s V sent them’ and she didn’t know who that was. Once I went drinking with Jo In Sung, Lee Kwang Soo, EXO, and Gong Hyo Jin, and my kids didn’t know any of them either. The celebrities were all fascinated that my children didn’t know who they were.” — Sung Dong Il


Sung Dong Il’s latest movie The Accidental Detective 2: In Action will be released on June 13. He is also currently starring in JTBC drama Miss Hammurabi.

Source: News1