VICTON’s Choi Byungchan Reveals He Lost Nearly 30 Pounds While Filming “Produce X 101”

Choi Byungchan dropped out of “Produce X 101” due to a chronic injury.

VICTON recently held a live broadcast where Choi Byungchan drew particular attention with his return following his withdrawal from Produce X 101 due to a chronic injury.

During the broadcast, Choi Byungchan shared, “After leaving the show, I’ve been taking care of my health and showing myself here and there for my fans.

He also promised to work on his health so that he can return in a healthy state, and his fellow members responded with warm words of comfort and encouragement.


In addition, Choi Byungchan revealed, “I lost 29 pounds while filming Produce X 101” and confessed just how difficult it has been for him.

But he tried to look on the bright side and joked, “It’s been hard because I lost so much weight, but I like that I refound my jawline.

Choi Byungchan went on to promise his fans once more that he’ll take care of his health and thanked everyone for their support.

Source: Insight