VICTON’s Subin Reveals How He Became Friends With TXT’s Yeonjun

Turns out, they’re actually “pretty close.”

During promotions for their latest title track “Howling”, VICTON‘s maknae Subin and leader Seungwoo stopped by M2 for a hilarious ASMR Tingle Interview that kept them laughing the whole time.

When Subin became serious and opened up about who was in his phone contacts, he ended up revealing his close friendship with an idol who seems to have earned the title “social butterfly”: TXT‘s Yeonjun.

Answering the question of the most unexpected contact out of his fifty-one options was a no-brainer for Subin. He whipped out his phone and pulled it up on the screen, “TXT’s Yeonjun-ie.” Even though he could’ve left that as the answer, he went on to mention how they’d first met.

The way Subin met Yeonjun was the exact same way Yeonjun had met his best friend ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung, a way a lot of idols from different groups happen to meet. Subin stated, “We practiced together before our debut.”

After going their separate ways, they both managed to achieve their shared dream of debuting. That didn’t stop them from keeping in touch; it made it a bit easier.

Since overlapping schedules happen, especially during promotions, Subin confirmed, “Once, we were active during the same season. We talked a lot then.”

While nodding with a warm smile, Subin ended it there. Although many people hadn’t known about their friendship, he admitted, “We’re pretty close.”

Since the members of TXT went further than necessary to congratulate VICTON on their first music show win by personally writing posts, it makes sense that they’d be close.

TXT Are The Perfect Juniors To VICTON By Sincerely Congratulating Them On Their First Ever Win

Spending long hours of training together and working towards the same dream definitely brings people closer together. Who would’ve thought that’s how Subin and Yeonjun became such good friends?

Listen to Subin spill the details about how he’d become close with Yeonjun here, along with the added bonus of a relaxing whisper.