Video of 19 Year Old 2PM’s Taecyeon Playing With 10 Year Old TWICE’s Jihyo Surfaces

An old pre-debut video of 2PM‘s Taecyeon and TWICE‘s Jihyo playing together has resurfaced, and their closeness is adorable.

2PM’s Taecyeon uploaded a video of himself practicing with Jihyo while they were both still trainees under JYP Entertainment, and it’s quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

The video was filmed by Taecyeon himself in 2007 when Jihyo was just 10 years old. In the video, she is seen holding a ball in her hands.

Taecyeon asks her the following question as she is seen running away.

 “Jisoo (real name), where are you going?

— Taecyeon

She then playfully and forcefully throws the ball at Taecyeon, who gives her an exaggerated reaction to entertain her, much like an uncle playing with his niece.

Check out the adorable video below!