If This Is How Video-Calling Ong Seong Wu Feels, We Want It Every Single Day

Hello, it’s me. Please call every day.

To promote his new K-Drama At Eighteen, and his character of a high school student Choi Jun Woo, Ong Seong Wu created a short clip pretending to be video-calling his fans. This clip, as close to a visual simulation of a real video call as it can get, is now a fan favorite – for his visual, his voice, and his vibrant personality.


In the clip, Ong Seong Wu tells his fans to stay strong in the summer heat, because he will be there to encourage them on. The message itself is sweet enough to have all his fans fall to their feet…


… but the visual explosion happening in the clip is what really blew the fans’ minds!

It was really hot today, huh? Stay strong though. I’ll be here cheering you on!

— Ong Seong Wu


Ong Seong Wu then waves goodbye to end this 15-second long clip. Fans feel super grateful to have such content be created…


… but they’re also begging for a million more seconds of this visual blessing!


Ong Seong Wu’s new K-Drama At Eighteen will be premiering July 22, 2019. Here’s a trailer to boost your anticipation: