Video of Kai crying, and Lay hugging him is going viral

A video recently uploaded to Instagram, from the 2014 MAMAs, is currently trending and getting a ton of views as fans relive the heartwarming time when EXO‘s Lay hugged and comforted an emotional Kai.

When EXO won Album of the Year for their Overdose album at MAMA 2014, the members were ecstatic. On stage, EXO’s leader, Suho gave his speech while the other members watched. Kai, however, turned his back to the audience as he struggled to hide his emotions.

Lay noticed Kai’s tears and, without hesitation, warmly embraced him. Lay consoled him with kind words as Kai smiled and hugged him back.

Kai is in tears when EXO won Album of the Year for their Overdose Album.

Lay embraced Kai warmly.

Kai smiled as he was comforted by Lay’s hug.

Lay smiles as he comforts Kai.
This is what brotherly love looks like.

Lay keeps his arm around Kai.
Lay kept his arm around Kai.

A fan captured the sweet moment between the two members on camera. Watch the video below!

Lay is not only known for his kindness to his fellow group members, but also towards his fans.

EXO is currently in Japan for their EXO’RDIUM concert tour and will be attending a special exhibition at the Tower Records Japan in Shibuya for their numerous music achievements in Japan.