Video Footage Shows Just How Exhausted BTS Gets After Performances

BTS really puts all their heart and soul into every single performance, but no one knew just how much effort it takes.

BTS performed a legendary medley of their songs back to back during the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

After the last ending performance, fans caught a glimpse of BTS right before they went back on stage.

Every single member looked extremely exhausted, as they had a hard time catching their breath with sweat pouring from their foreheads.

As they walked up the stairs, most of them were shaking and had to hold on to the rail for support.

They poured every ounce of their energy into their difficult choreographies that they didn’t have enough energy to even walk straight.

They looked visibly fatigued as they hunched over trying to regain their strength.

Even when they won the Artist of the Year award, the members looked visibly exhausted, but nevertheless exceptionally happy to win the award.

Although A.R.M.Y fans are very happy for their big global success, they are also worried about their health.

Watch the full clip of BTS backstage below.