Video Going Viral of WANNA One Member Being Pulled By His Hair – Agency Responds

Many fans were extremely upset when they saw this video.

YMC Entertainment responded to the controversy of WANNA ONE member Park Jihoon being pulled by his hair.

The issue started when a fan uploaded a video of the members boarding a flight. The video filmed Jihoon being pulled by his hair to take a seat.

It initially sparked concerns as it looked as if Jihoon was being manhandled by a staff member to take his seat on the plane, but it turns out it was fellow member Woojin pulling his hair instead.

YMC Entertainment clarified and apologized for the issue.

“The person who pulled Park Jihoon’s hair in the video was, in fact, fellow member Park Woojin. It was a mischevious gesture to have him sit next to him.

Among the members of WANNA ONE, both are particularly close. It was a controversial act and both members are embarrassed.”

It was believed that the playful gesture was part of the random jokes between the two with fans attesting to their close friendship.

YMC Entertainment further added, “It looks radical in the video, but wasn’t. Please don’t misunderstand.”

Source: Sports MK