Video of IU Getting Hit In Face By A Water Bottle Goes Viral

IU was not prepared for THIS.

A lot of things can happen to artists on stage, but IU was not prepared for the shock of having a water bottle thrown at her face!

The incident happened in Shanghai in 2015 but has come to life once more for her incredulous reaction.

She was in the middle of an intermission when she asked her fans if they could pass her a water bottle.

After a failed attempt, IU moved to talk to her fans near the front to see if they could pass her another one when a second attempt went directly into her face.

And her reaction was all caught on camera, sparking worry from her fans!

After recovering from the brief shock of the incident, IU simply laughed it off, nursing her cheek while assuring fans that she was okay.

Also adding that it was the first time that she was ever hit in the face by a bottle.

Although the incident happened years back, it recently resurfaced due to IU’s quick and lighthearted response. It’s been attached to her favorite stage moments since!