A Video Of A Little Girl Asking For A Stranger’s Hand Has Gone Viral In Korea—Here’s The Adorable Reason Why

This video will definitely restore your faith in humanity!

A video of a little girl has gone viral in Korea, and the adorable reason why will touch your heart!

A video from the Youtube channel @JAYKEEOUT has been going viral among netizens in Korea, and the video in question is about a social experiment with a little girl! The video features 5-year-old Ro Eun, a child actress, walking up to strangers at the crosswalk, and asking them to hold her hand and help her cross the road!

At first, Ro Eun is nervous about approaching strangers and asking them to hold her hand, and hesitates a lot.

But she finally braves it out, and asks people to help her cross the road, super adorably!

Excuse me! Can you hold my hand so I can cross the road?

—Ro Eun

She asked different people to help her, and all of them listened to her adorable request, holding her hand and helping her across the road!

Some of them even made conversation with her out of concern, asking her where her parents were, and if she was alone!

And at the end of each encounter, Ro Eun adorably stopped the people who helped her, and offered them sanitizer as thanks for helping her cross the road, and reminded them to be safe!

Thank you! One second…sanitize your hands before you go!

—Ro Eun

It’s safe to say that this little girl brought smiles to tons of people around the world!

You can watch the whole thing here!