This Video of MAMAMOO Performing “Nyan Nyan” Is Too Cute To Handle

Usually known for their sexy charms, MAMAMOO graced fans in Japan with their adorable aegyo instead!

The lovely ladies of MAMAMOO are without a doubt among the most adored idols in K-pop. Known for being both well-mannered and incredibly silly, the group has also become known for the amazing fanservice. In the past, they have shown their sexy side, but they haven’t been shy to show their cute side to fans either.

MAMAMOO recently held a fan meeting event on January 18th at the Venus Fort in Tokyo, Japan. At the event, the lovely ladies performed aegyo that melted the hearts of their fans. Each member treated the crowd with the adorable exclamation, “Nyan nyan!Hwasa even went the extra mile and performed a sexy walk in addition to her aegyo.

Watch them show off their charms below: