BTS’s Jin Is THAT Guy We All Need During Long Car Rides

Fans can just imagine Jin chatting away.

Evan Ghang, an internet personality best known for being a video producer of BuzzFeed, revealed his experience working with BTS.




During his Q&A video, he answers the question about his experience working with BTS. He worked with BTS in 2014 when they were still rookies. BTS came to L.A. for KCON while he was a producer for Mnet. He worked with them for the show, “Go! BTS” and was able to spend a whole day with them. He took them to Laguna Beach and ate Korean BBQ with them as well. He also stated that it was a lot of fun working with them and that they were extremely nice. They filmed on a very hot summer day and the members kept asking if they were OK and if they wanted to take a break as they gave out water to the staff.




He remembers sitting next to Jin on the bus ride and talking to him for almost two hours nonstop. They talked about a lot of random stuff about life and how Evan lived in L.A. He seemed very fascinated at the fact that he lived in L.A. and asked many questions about how he made the decision to live in L.A. and whether or not it was hard adjusting to life there.




He had another opportunity to shoot with BTS with Buzzfeed. This was a video of BTS answering fan questions while playing with puppies last year. Although he was not on set for the actual filming, he was the one who produced and edited the show. He was on vacation and was not able to physically be there. He revealed that he even contemplated flying back to the states to see them before heading to his vacation. He was curious to know if the members remembered him.




Fans can just imagine Jin sitting there talking for two hours straight with Evan.




Fans assured Evan that BTS remembers him, stating that the group is known to remember everyone, even people that have just passed by.





Watch the full Q&A below!