This Video Of Seulgi And Taeyong Dancing Is So Damn Hot

WARNING: May cause heat stroke and/or heart attacks.

At 2017 MAMARed Velvet‘s Seulgi and NCT‘s Taeyong put on a show that made fans all hot and bothered.


Seulgi caught everyone’s attention when she appeared in a long, white button-up, short-shorts, and thigh-high boots.


She began the sizzling “I just X AROUND” duet with a sexy solo…


…and was soon joined by a green-haired Taeyong. He danced up behind Seulgi, looking both disheveled and dashing in a loose button-up and tight, black pants.


Seulgi and Taeyong matched each other’s energy perfectly and had unbelievable chemistry.


Every single move built up a tension that ended with this sensual pose.


Open your windows, turn up your AC, and check out their hot performance here!