Video showing Red Velvet’s Yeri’s kindness to fan resurfaces

Red Velvet‘s Yeri helped a fan prevent what could have otherwise been an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.

A video showing Yeri’s kind action towards a female fan has resurfaced. During their Ice Cream Cake promotions, the girls held signing events for their fans. Yeri was talking to a female student as she signed an album for her. During the conversation, a gust of wind began to blow the fan’s skirt up. Yeri quickly grabbed onto the girl’s skirt and cautioned her about the wind.

The wind didn’t let up so Yeri moved to hold down the skirt from the back and protect the fan from an embarrassing situation. Luckily the staff at the event were able to help the girl out and shielded her with a jacket while Yeri finished signing.

Watch what happened below!