This Video Of Sunggyu And Wendy’s Arm Wrestle Match Will Make Your Heart Flutter

Sunggyu and Wendy shared a cute moment when they came face-to-face with one another for an arm wrestling match.

On the latest episode of Channel A’s music variety show, Singderella not only did INFINITE‘s Sunggyu made his debut appearance as MC, but Red Velvet made a guest star appearance.

In one segment of the show, where teams must be determined, Sunggyu and Wendy ended up competing with one another through arm wrestling in order get dibs on the players. The scene caused a lot of viewer’s hearts to flutter due to Sunggyu’s suave mannerism towards Wendy’s cute attempt at arm wrestling.



Sunggyu looks so confident about himself as the match starts and Wendy can already be seen struggling.

Watch his cute little smirk as he tries to not laugh at Wendy’s struggle.

Finally, Sunggyu decides to take Wendy out of her misery by ending the match with a swift flick of his hand.

At the end of their match, where Sunggyu undoubtedly wins, Wendy further enhances their cute moment, by checking Sunggyu’s hand and making sure she didn’t injure him cause of her nails. This little moment caused an uproar of teasing amongst the other cast members.

Check out the adorable scene below!