This Video Of TWICE Speaking English Is Absolute Perfection

It’s the video ONCEs didn’t know they needed until they watched it.

Apple Music shared a video of TWICE to their Twitter page counting down to the release of their new album Feel Special. The video, which featured group members Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Sana, and Momo, left ONCEs feeling amazed and awed because the girls spoke entirely in English!

One in a million! Hello, Apple Music, we are TWICE! We are counting down to our new album Feel Special. Check out our ‘essentials’ playlist and let us know your favorite TWICE song. What is your favorite TWICE song?


Excited and surprised to hear their favorite idols speaking so eloquently in English, ONCEs were quick to praise the girls are “fluent English legends” and “queens of the English language”.

Were you impressed with TWICE’s English-speaking abilities when you watched the video? How did it make you feel?