These videos contain what Suzy looks like with zero makeup

Bae Suzy shocks fans with her all-natural beauty in an exclusive makeup-less photoshoot.

The nation’s first love is known for her grace and fresh yet flawless beauty but what is most shocking is the natural beauty’s bare face. In an exclusive interview with Nylon TV, Suzy’s bare face was revealed in a recent photoshoot with the magazine company.

In the photoshoot, Suzy was to portray a girl next door, comfy, casual look as she wore her hair down and donned pajamas. Fans praised Suzy for being such a beauty with and without the uses of makeup.

Suzy has recently received the honor in being the newest model of Lotte Liquor Brand, “Chum Churum”. Two commercials have been recently aired, showing fans the many sides of Suzy.

Check out the natural beauty during her photoshoot below!

Source: Bada