This clips prove that Kai and Taemin are perfect soulmates

Taemin and Kai‘s relationship is the perfect example of a ‘match made in heaven’

SHINee‘s Taemin and EXO‘s Kai’s friendship is possibly one of the most popular idol relationships. The two members are quite close to one another and over the years and have spoken of their friendship in public several times. The two idols are so close that even the idols’ managers actually suspected they may be in a relationship, but Taemin insisted that they are simply friends.

These videos down below show some of their most adorable interactions:

Taemin’s version of EXO’s “Mama” which was a tribute from Taemin to Kai is absolutely adorable.

Taemin and Kai reunited once again this past December, and fans created a compilation video of their interactions together.

Taemin’s phone call with Kai was absolutely hilarious!

Taemin and Kai are famous for their skinship.
Their friendship looks genuine.
Idols don’t have to be rivals. They can be best friends as well.

Their love for each other is very easy to notice.

Taemin and Kai holding hands is seriously adorable.

Their friendship is silly.

Taemin and Kai are both successful yet remain just as close.

Taemin expresses how proud he is and his happiness over EXO winning an award.