Viewers Compare PRODUCE 101 Season 2 And PRODUCE X 101’s “Top Visual” Trainees And The Similarities Are Surprising

Check out the crazy resemblance!

As PRODUCE X 101 continues to air more episodes, viewers are narrowing down their top picks and so the strongest “visual trainees” are becoming identified. And it seems the viewers’ preferences have not changed over the seasons! A side by side comparison of the both season’s top 11 “Visual Center” trainees, picked among themselves, revealed some uncanny similarities! Viewers are shocked by how much the trainees resemble each other, even in the ranks.

*PRODUCE X 101 trainees are placed on the left, while PRODUCE 101 Season 2‘s trainees are placed on the right.


11. Yuri & Lee Yoo Jin


10. Hwang Yun Seong & Ong Seong Wu


9. Baek Jin & Kwon Hyun Bin


8. Lee Eun Sang & Park Sung Woo


7. Song Hyeong Jun & Choi Minki


6. Choi Byung Chan & Ahn Hyeong Seop


5. Koo Jung Mo & Yoo Seon Ho


4. Cha Jun Ho & Hwang Minhyun


3. Kim Yo Han & Lai Kuanlin


2. Kim Woo Seok & Bae Jin Young


1. Kim Min Kyu & Park Jihoon

Source: THEQOO