Viewers get a look of what it would be like to date TWICE members through SNL

The members of popular rookie girl group TWICE recently hosted an episode of tVN‘s SNL Korea, becoming one of the youngest idol groups ever to do so. 

While the girls made fans laugh in all of the scenes they participated in, fans were especially infatuated with their ” 3-Minute Girlfriend” scenes, where fans were given the chance to see through the eyes of a fictional male student who’s close to the members.

Although the character Se Yoon is always delighted at first, each and every one of the short scenes hilariously explains why the members might not be the ideal girlfriend that fans imagine them to be.

In addition to the infamous “3-Minute Girlfriend” scenes, the girls also participated in various other scenes, including a K2 parody and a scene poking fun at TWICE’s hardcore fanboys. Check out some clips from the episode on tVN’s official YouTube channel below:

Jeongyeon and Nayeon as 3-Minute Girlfriends:

ChaeyoungDahyun, and Tzuyu as 3-Minute Girlfriends:

Beware of TWICE fanboys:

Sailor Moon parody:

Tzuyu’s K2 parody:

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