Viewers Have Mixed Feelings Over Produce X 101’s Kim Wooseok In Recent Episode

Viewers have mixed feelings.

During episode 9 of Produce X 101, viewers saw the return of Kim Dongyun as the X trainee. In said episode, the groups for the concept evaluations had to choose if they wanted to include Dongyun into the group.

For “U GOT IT” group, TOP Media‘s Kim Wooseok was vocal about how he was against adding Dongyun to their group, stating that they would have to give up their parts for him and would have fewer chances to shine. Despite his reasoning, everybody else in the group was willing to sacrifice lines for him.

He continued to ask his members if they were willing to sacrifice their parts, saying how he was okay with it since he had the most parts. Everyone said they were willing. Kim Wooseok then changed the question to, “Are you willing to give him half of your part?

Many are upset with Kim Wooseok’s attitude, saying that that atmosphere changed due to his constant questioning. Many also felt bad for Cha Junho and Hwang Yunseong, who was initially excited to have Dongyun back since they came from the same company. Some viewers were upset since everyone said they were willing to adjust for Dongyun, yet he continued to ask.

Others, on the other hand, were understanding of Wooseok’s side and said that it would be difficult to rearrange choreography and divide parts again. Many agree that he was being realistic, which is necessary for a program like this. Some even wonder if they edited Kim Wooseok to appear harsher than he truly was.

Source: Pann and Pann