Viewers Are Not Impressed With Song Joong Ki’s New Drama “Arthdal Chronicles”

They think it looks like a cheap copy.

The highly anticipated K-Drama series Arthdal Chronicles about to premiere with its first episode on June 1, 2019. Some viewers continue to remain skeptical, however, as they discuss the uncanny resemblance between the new K-Drama and the popular TV series Game of Thrones.


Arthdal Chronicles has received a lot of attention since the initial news of its production – especially with a cast of big name actors like Jang Dong Gun and Song Joong Ki. As more information became available for the viewers, however, the show also began to see some backlash for blatantly copying the mega hit series, Game of Thrones, and merely being a “Korean version of GoT”.


Frustrated viewers put together a side-by-side comparison and criticized, “Why spend all that money to make a copy?” The comparison points out similarities in not only the character appearances, but also the set props, background settings, and even location names like “The Great Black Wall (대흑벽)”.

Wow, this is so embarrassing. And why is it so low quality? If you’re going to copy, at least copy it right…

— Netizen

I don’t want to see this at all.

— Netizen

If anyone asks, I’m not going to tell them this is Korean… What a shame on the entire country.

— Netizen


With the premiere being hours away, viewers look forward to watching the first episode, in high hopes they will be proven wrong for thinking it will be an imitation of the GoT series.

Source: THEQOO