This viral cover of TWICE’s TT by a group of Korean schoolboys is a must-see

TWICE‘s “TT” has such a catchy hook and fun choreography that since it came out, there have been tons of dance covers. This parody of “TT” by a group of students in Korea, however, has something the others do not.

In just four months, TWICE’s “TT” has sparked a viral trend that has fans and celebrities dancing all around the world! Charmed by the catchy tune and adorable concept, fans couldn’t help but join in on the fun and produce their own versions of the massive hit single.

On December 28 of last year, a hilarious fan-made parody of “TT” was posted on YouTube by a group of Korean schoolboys. With the interesting twist of their all-male cast, and their hilariously accurate (and low-budget) improvisations, the quirky video has already garnered over 400,000 views in less than two months time.

Check it out below!

Amazingly, TWICE noticed the hilarious video and even posted it onto their official Twitter page!