The Viral Korean Cheerleader Whose Gorgeous Visuals Are Too Obvious, Mask Or No Mask

She’s only 22!

One cheerleader has been making headlines for the beautiful visuals she possesses, whether she has a mask on or not.

Woo Soo Han | @s2uhan/Instagram

Woo Soo Han, who is a 2001-er has been seeing viral popularity due to her idol-like looks. The 22-year-old is a cheerleader for South Korean professional baseball team Hanhwa Eagles, as well as the professional basketball team DB Promy. Previously, she was a cheerleader for the baseball team LG Twins. While Korean cheerleaders often make headlines for their beauty, Woo Soo Han’s photos have been spreading like wildfire across different media sites for her undeniable presence.

| @s2uhan/Instagram

Her face may have been covered with a mask throughout the sports games during the Covid-19 pandemic, but fans were mesmerized by just her eyes and her cheerleading abilities.

| @s2uhan/Instagram

As her fanbase grew, netizens couldn’t help but wonder what her face sans mask would look like. After some digging, netizens were able to find her public social media accounts, including her Instagram page. To nobody’s surprise, fans were able to see that Woo Soo Han is gorgeous with her mask off as well.

| @s2uhan/Instagram

The 22-year-old cheerleader is now a veteran in the cheerleading scene, moving on to her new baseball team Hanhwa Eagles in 2023. She first made her debut with basketball team, DB Promy. After the 2021 baseball season, she took a break from cheerleading at baseball games, meaning her return to the Hanhwa Eagles marked her return to baseball after a full year away.

It’s pretty obvious, she hasn’t missed a beat!

You can keep up with her activities by following her on her Instagram page, here.

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