This Viral Story Of A Couple Whose Parents Forced Them Apart Is Like A Real-Life K-Drama

“K-Drama in real life…”

Fans of K-Dramas know that Korean mothers-in-law do not play…

At all…

Unfortunately, more often than not, it is the wife who suffers most from unreasonable mothers-in-law.

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The stigma about Korean mothers-in-laws usually comes from the stories of one’s own mother who suffered at the hands of one’s paternal grandmother.

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Back in the day, Korean mothers-in-law saw their daughters-in-law as benefactors of their hard work raising their sons.

One reason might be because the mothers-in-law suffered at the hands of their own mothers-in-law, and the cycle continued.

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Although attitudes towards daughters-in-law and mothers in-law have changed, the stigma is still ever-present. For example, still to this day, if a man has many older sisters, it may affect his eligibility for marriage, as his future wife may not want to deal with the sisters-in-law.

Also, the parents of a daughter will judge the mother of her boyfriend to see if she is fit to be the mother-in-law of her daughter. If a daughter’s parents feel that the parents of her significant other aren’t up to par, that may cause the ending of the engagement altogether, which brings us to this viral story.

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On June 28, a post titled “My Acquaintance Ended Her Engagement And The Reason Why Is Like A Drama” has since gone viral and has been viewed over 380K times.

In the post, a netizen explains that their acquaintance’s mother started working at a garment factory to help financially before quitting soon after.

My acquaintance’s (woman) mother started working at a garment factory to help economically. However, she quit not long after because another ajuma (middle-aged woman) was gate-keeping and was horrible to her.

— Netizen

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The netizen then explained that their acquaintance soon got engaged to her boyfriend and that the parents of the couple met, along with the couple, for dinner when serendipity played a cruel trick on the families.

My acquaintance and her boyfriend met with parents from both sides to speak about the marriage. But it turns out that the mother of the boyfriend was the ajuma that was so horrible to my acquaintance’s mother. My acquaintance’s mother told everyone at the dinner that this wedding wasn’t going to happen and left.

— Netizen

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The netizen then wrote that despite the mother of the boyfriend apologizing and begging the acquaintance’s mother to reconsider, the girlfriend’s mother would not accept, and the couple broke up soon after.

The boyfriend soon found out later what happened and resented his mother. The boyfriend’s mother begged my acquaintance’s mother several times, but my acquaintance’s mother told her that she knows what it feels like to suffer from a horrible mother-in-law and that she has no plans to allow the marriage to continue.

— Netizen

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Netizens praised the mother of the acquaintance in the comments.

  • “The mother helped save the family economics and her daughter.”
  • “It’s a blessing that they didn’t get involved with an idiot who gate-keeps at that age.”
  • “Wow~ it’s really like a drama.”

  • “It’s good that the daughter broke up with her boyfriend.”
  • “I realize that karma is real. It really comes back like a boomerang. You have to live a kind and honest life. They don’t say that ‘You’ll be blessed if you live kindly’ for no reason.”

  • “Honestly, the world is so small… There was this guy that I seriously thought I would never see again, but it turns out he became the husband of my cousin.”
  • “This is divine intervention. It’s God’s plan.”
  • “If you work in the factories, the ajumas gate-keep like crazy. I guess they aren’t treated well at home because they are horrible to other workers.”

What do you think of this story? Would you marry your significant other if their mother had a conflict with yours?

Source: Nate Pann