Viral Video of Former GFRIEND’s Yerin Falling Down Sparks Debate Over Misogyny In K-Pop

What do you think?

Recently, a video of former GFRIEND member and now soloist Yerin stumbling and falling caused a debate among K-Pop fans about misogyny.

Yerin | @every__nn/Twitter

On February 3, Yerin attended a recording for the upcoming Webtoon Singer program. Webtoon Singer is a show that combines XR (extended reality) and webtoon as K-Pop stars perform either OSTs from the webtoons or original songs made for the show.


As the Yerin made her way over to greet fans, she did not see the small curb, causing her to fall.

| @I_JIU_U/Twitter

It seemed like the tumble hurt quite a bit as Yerin began whining and crying, saying, “it hurts” repeatedly. Luckily, she did not seem seriously hurt, and she made her way over to the fence to greet waiting fans.

| @I_JIU_U/Twitter

While she did seem to pout a little at first, she was back to smiling in no time. Fans thought the reaction was too cute and even considered how her GFRIEND members would react to the situation.

Over a few days, the video spread and was seen by those not fans of Yerin and drew some reactions that were not as affectionate towards the singer. Many criticized her reaction, calling her dramatic and telling her to act her age.

Other comments began defending Yerin, stating that even if she is acting, other groups do the same sort of overly cute acting during fan events. In particular, defenders stated that boy groups with the same behavior are met with different reactions.

Though the moment created debate, we are glad that Yerin is okay! What do you think of the situation?