A Viral Video Of TWICE’s Sana Once Got Her In “Trouble” With The Marriott Hotel

Uh oh, Sana is in trouble.

ONCEs know that Sana has one of the most playful and sweet personalities out there but that playfulness might have just caused the TWICE member a bit of trouble with the Marriott Hotel.

There’s just no containing Sana’s adorable personality! Her sweet, kind, clumsy, and playful personality is just one of the many things fans love about her but on occasion, it’s gotten her into a bit of trouble.

Like the time she ended up suspended upside down…

Or the time she managed to lose a wrestling match against herself.

While it’s normally her clumsiness that brings on the trouble, this time it was simply her playfulness. It all started when the group was filming for their “The Best Thing I Ever Did” music video. Sana may have been successful in being serious during the MV and jacket shooting…

But she couldn’t stop herself from showing off some of her killer cuteness later!

The adorable video has quickly racked up the views online and thanks to the hotel setting, one mischievous netizen decided it would be the perfect opportunity for a little fun. So she took the clip and tweeted out to Marriott Hotel.

The hotel noticed the complaint and tweeted back. They wanted to know more about her stay and any other additional information she could provide so they could look into the matter.

Playing right along, the fan demanded some action!

While there hasn’t been another response from the hotel yet, netizens can’t get over the whole exchange and have been wondering when the hotel will realize who Sana is.

Just add this onto Sana’s list of viral moments! Now we’ll just have to wait and see what other kinds of “trouble” Sana can get into!


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