He May Look Familiar But He’s Really Just A Virtual Model

What are your thoughts?

With more and more companies investing to create and develop virtual humans, they have begun to gain popularity among social media users. Most recently, an online community shared several TikTok GIFs of a virtual K-Pop trainee model and gained much attention online.

| @your_saejin/TikTok
| @your_saejin/TikTok
| @your_saejin/TikTok

The online community board post received over a 1000 comments from netizens.

  • “He looks natural when he stays still, but his expressions are awkward making him look not human. If they can fix this, then they could probably trick everyone into thinking he’s real.”
  • “He does look a bit like Cha Eunwoo.”
  • “This is really interesting though to see how much technology has advanced.”
  • “His eyes remind me of Cha Eunwoo and his nose reminds me of Moonbin.”

Born in 2002 and from Busan, virtual model Jung Sae Jin was created by Deep Studio, an entertainment company that believes “computer-generated talent can solve the fundamental problem existing in the K-Pop market.” The company CEO Ryu Ki Hyun stated, “A human cannot be excellent in everything such as dancing, singing, looks or personality— which are the basic requirements to be a K-Pop idol.”

Active on both TikTok and Instagram, Jung Sae Jin has grown a huge following on social media. 

Source: theqoo