How To Visit The Same Place TWICE And LE SSERAFIM Went To For Their Variety Shows

Both groups seemed to have a great time!

From the 2000s to the early 2010s, many K-Pop groups relied on network variety shows like Running Man and Knowing Bros to promote their comebacks and their individual members’ personalities and talents.

Running Man cast poster | SBS

In the 2020s, streaming and personal branding have had a much higher premium, prompting many idols to have personally branded shows on top of having television appearances. Among these groups are the juggernaut newcomers LE SSERAFIM and the ever-beautiful TWICE.

TWICE (left) and LE SSERAFIM (right) | JYP Entertainment and Source Music, respectively

TWICE launched their new variety show TTT or TIME TO TWICE in 2019. The series features different concepts, from the TWICE members roleplaying as office workers to them relaxing at a picnic. TTT now has 100 episodes as of the writing of this article and usually draws millions of viewers per video.

One of the logos for TIME TO TWICE | TWICE/YouTube

LE SSERAFIM only debuted in May 2022, so their variety show LENIVERSE only has 3 videos so far. The series is as popular and successful as their debut, and the girls seem to have had a lot of fun filming the pilot episodes. Fans will surely look forward to more concepts and adventures from them.

One of the logos for LENIVERSE | LE SSERAFIM/YouTube

The first place the LE SSERAFIM members first visited was a colorful land where they had to solve puzzles together and escape.

The LE SSERAFIM members

Eagle-eyed fans might have noticed that TWICE visited the same place over a year ago for their TIME TO TWICE: Twice and the Chocolate Factory series!

The TWICE members

Both groups enjoyed the bright pink ball pit, homemade games, and other attractions.

Apparently, the place they visited is open to the public! It’s called the Color Pool Museum.

Color Pool Museum logo | Color Pool Museum website

It’s part of a larger building called the Anyoung Insadong mall, located in Jongro-gu, Seoul. Tickets for entry to the museum are sold on their website and are priced at around ₩12,000 KRW (about $8.96 USD) to ₩15,000 KRW (about $11.20 USD) per adult.

| Anyoung Insadong website

Hopefully, more idols and fans will be able to go there and have a good time!

Check out the full episodes of TIME TO TWICE and LENIVERSE below!

Source: Color Pool Museum website and Anyoung Insadong mall website