VIVIZ’s First Reactions To Hearing “BOP BOP!” Were Unexpected

Umji shared how they all reacted to hearing it.

Although they debuted in 2015 as members of GFRIEND, Umji, Eunha, and SinB have debuted once again as VIVIZ and shared the rare reactions they had to hearing their debut song.

VIVIZ | @VIVIZ_official/Twitter

When discussing how groups usually react when hearing a title track for the first time, Umji shared that it wasn’t always received well by everyone. She revealed, “It’s not common for all the members to like the title track.

Kwanghee and MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk could relate, with the latter saying, “I agree.” That hadn’t been the case for VIVIZ’s debut track, though.

SinB and Eunha nodded when Umji said, “But we all liked ‘BOP BOP!’” They all even had the same thought when listening to it.

They instantly knew it was the right song for them. Umji continued, “All of us said, ‘This works for us.’ We thought it was perfect for our debut song.

From how quickly they won music shows and how many trophies they received, “BOP BOP!” was indeed as amazing as they knew it would be.

| @VIVIZ_official/Twitter

Watch the members share how they knew their debut song was the perfect fit for their new journey as VIVIZ.

You can also check out the hit song for yourself.