VIVIZ’s Umji Spills On The Members’ Reactions When They Get “Bad” Songs

For idols, most of the time it’s out of their control.

Because many K-Pop groups don’t have creative control over the music they release, there are times when they don’t like the songs at all. VIVIZ‘s Umji revealed how they usually react when it happens to them.

Umji | @ummmmm_j.i/Instagram

When discussing VIVIZ’s music releases, Umji confirmed she was pleased with them “because all the tracks are always good.” Unfortunately, things don’t always go as smoothly in some cases.

When they receive music that’s the complete opposite, Umji admitted it ruined their whole mood. She said, “We get stressed out when they’re not good.

It had such a strong impact on them because the “members are enthusiastic about songs” and bring that extra bit of energy to make the music amazing.

Fortunately for Umji, VIVIZ’s team has captured the sound the members are excited about.

See Umji give a peek into their music process and how idols don’t always have control over their releases.