VIXX Hongbin Goes Face To Face With B1A4 Gongchan In Epic Overwatch Battle

VIXX‘s Hongbin went up against B1A4‘s Gongchan in an Overwatch duel for the game’s one-year anniversary and proved he was a Hanzo god.

The cast of SBS‘s online gaming program, Game Show, was recently invited to Overwatch’s 1-year anniversary party in Korea, and so the panel members decided to invite VIXX’s Hongbin to play with them to prepare for it.

Kim Heechul explained that they decided to invite Hongbin especially because he was ranked 7th in the world as Hanzo, which made the other panel members nervous but excited to see his skills.

The panel members started off with a warm-up game where they played 1 to 1, and Hongbin was matched up with Gongchan, but to everyone’s surprise, Hongbin lost the warm-up round against Gongchan, and the other panel members began to doubt his rank as Hanzo.

In the second team round, Hongbin’s team went against Gongchan’s team and won 2 to 0, and the panel members all confirmed that his true Hanzo skills appeared in the team rounds as he eliminated the opponent’s team players with impeccable precision.

Watch Hongbin and Gongchan’s teams go head to head in Overwatch below!