VIXX Hyuk and Gugudan Sejeong spotted wearing matching outfits

Hyuk and Sejeong‘s matching outfits for their Music Bank rehearsals are seriously adorable.

VIXX‘s Hyuk and Gugudan‘s Kim Sejeong were recently spotted wearing very similar outfits at KBS‘ Music Bank. The two idols both wore a bright yellow sweater with overalls to the rehearsals of Music Bank on December 23rd. Fans immediately questioned whether or not the two idols intended on matching or if it was simply a coincidence. Whether or not the idols planned on matching or not, they looked adorable, like the idol version of Minions.

Hyuk strutting in a yellow hoodie and overalls.
Sejeong walking to rehearsals
Sejeong is rocking those overalls!

The special end of the year Music Bank episode was packed with the hottest names in K-pop. Hyuk performed alongside his fellow VIXX members. Many other idol groups performed as well, such as BTS, Mamamoo, and TWICE. Sejeong performed with the other members of I.O.I on Music Bank, making 2016 a very busy and successful year for Sejeong. The idol promoted with I.O.I after Produce 101 and also debuted with Gugudan in June.

Check out the cute matching outfits below!

Hyuk is the idol version of a minion. / Credit: fy! sanghyuk
Sejeong of Gugudan