VIXX members tease Leo on his failures at ISAC

The VIXX members have been known for teasing each other, and the recent Idol Star Athletics Championships was no exception.

During the 2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships, VIXX participated in many sports events, including the Men’s Archery and Men’s 400M Relay Race. VIXX members N and Hyuk, who both participated in the previous year’s archery event, were back to show off their bow shooting skills once again. This year, they were joined by Leo, who’s proven to be quite talented in futsal, swimming, Taekwondo, fencing, boxing, and more. However, it seemed that Leo was a bit unlucky that day.

When it was his turn to shoot, Leo made a shot with a determined look on his face. Unfortunately, he completely missed the target and hit the backboard instead. Seeing this, Hyuk burst out into laughter and N stood up in disappointment as he looked away.

As the commentators discussed of what had happened, Hyuk and N covered their faces in shame as if they didn’t know Leo or wasn’t part of the same team a him.

When Leo missed again, the two began to mess around again. N jokingly put his hands on his hips and as Hyuk pretended to leave the scene with his bow still in his hand.

The most embarrassed member of all was Leo himself.

He even dropped to his knees in shame.

Leo got to explain what really happened while interacting with his fans.

Leo: “If you get two zeros out of three shots, you’re either an idiot or you did it on purpose. I did it on purpose.”

Fans: “Ahhh~.” *totally not convinced*

Leo: “I feel like you guys are making fun of me ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

During Men’s 400M Relay Race, Leo was VIXX’s last runner. He was in second place when he unfortunately tripped and stumbled to the ground.

Feeling flustered, Leo kept his head low as he got back up and continued to run. Seeing his embarrassing situation, fellow group member Hongbin quickly ran out onto the tracks and cheered Leo on to the very end. Instead of going back to the group of idols, he ran all the way to the exit to avoid further embarassment.

Fans found Leo’s mistakes to be adorable, but have also expressed their disappointment that he wasn’t able to show off his skills in the sports events that he’s known for. Although Leo is known to be a well-rounded athlete, he is known for his amazing techniques in futsal. Unfortunately, due to the amount of injuries that happened due to last year’s futsal game, the event was remobed from this year’s ISAC.

Check out Leo scoring for his team with his amazing shooting skills from last year’s futsal game!