Here Are All The Times VIXX’s N Was More Beautiful Than Any Girl Group

VIXX N could probably join any girl group and it wouldn’t seem unnatural at all.

VIXX member N appeared on Radio Star and showed off all his best girl group dance moves!

He prepared the songs himself, compiling his favorite bops from K-Pop


First, he showcased Red Velvet‘s “Red Flavor”.

With so much energy and grace, VIXX N could easily be the 6th member of Red Velvet.


Then N moved on to the popular moves from TWICE‘s “Cheer Up”.


Last but not least, N grooved to Sunmi‘s “Gashina”.

He captured the intensity and the grace that Sunmi shows in the well-known finger pointing choreography.


This isn’t the first time VIXX’s N stepped up to challenge the hottest girl groups with a dance cover. He has covered EXID, ApinkGirls’ Generation, and SISTAR too.

N’s “Up&Down” by EXID

N’s “LUV” by Apink

N’s “I Got A Boy” by Girls’ Generation

N’s “Shake It” by SISTAR


Mastering both boy group and girl group moves, N is a true entertainer!

Source: Insight